Web Design

Web design and the internet has changed the way people do business. A person typically judges a website’s design in a matter of seconds. A bad design can make a person close out your window and lose the opportunity to communicate anything about your business. A good design however, buys you a couple more seconds to impress someone further.

It is critical to have a strong web presence for people to find your business, learn about what you do and then share it with others. At Skylight Creative Group, we strive to give you a website that looks great, is easy to navigate, has relevant content and can be found through major search engines like google. If you desire to maintain your website’s information to keep it current, we can give you an easy content management system where no knowledge of html code is required.

Website Design

As mentioned above, the look of the site is so important – we can’t stress this enough. We love designing websites based on a company’s style whether that is professional and clean or artistic and funky. Regardless of the photography, artwork, colors and style, the layout needs to be clean and easy to navigate too. Staying current is a big challenge with technology changing as fast as it does these days. We’ll work with you to make sure your website is modern and makes a great first impression.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ve already told you that a great looking site is important, but that’s only helpful if people can find you. If you have marketing material with your website address, that’s wonderful. However, we want to help people who don’t know about you yet be able find you when they’re searching for companies like yours to do business with. We are all about the organic search engine rankings and implement several techniques to get your website and pages ranking higher in the results when people search for keywords in google, yahoo, bing and other major search engines. We can help you write your content to use specific key words, make sure you have the meta tags and keywords in place within the html code, and more. Please contact us to learn more.

Social Media

Do you need help with social media? Social media outlets like facebook, google+, twitter, linkedin, blogging, etc. have revolutionized the way people communicate. Companies of all sizes use social media to gain a following, update followers of current news and events, provide special offers, find employees, and more. Don’t let technology pass you by. Learn how to use the social media outlets to your advantage and grow your business. This is especially important with google’s new updates with search plus your world.

Content Management

If you’re interested in maintaining your own website and want to be able to add pictures, update a blog, change menu items, etc. We can offer a content management system that is extremely easy for you to use along with your new website design. We’ll have a session to teach you and anyone else at your company how to use it and be able to update things. Let us know if you’re interested in learning more!

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