Commercial Photography

Commercial photography for companies of all sizes and industries is one of Skylight Creative Group’s specialties. Below, you can read brief descriptions about our commercial work, which is mainly property related. Although we’re based in Atlanta, we travel all over the nation to meet your commercial photography needs. Please look at our corporate work if you are interested in company head shots, product shots, corporate event photography, etc. Thank you!

Commercial Interiors

Commercial interiors can be challenging to shoot due to unique space layouts, lots of possible distracting items, harsh lighting conditions and more. However, Skylight Creative Group is ready to meet the challenge and provide clean and professional images to showcase your commercial interior space. There are plenty of reasons to have good commercial interior photographs, so please contact us if you have a need and learn how we can help you.

Commercial Properties & Exteriors

To have great commercial exterior images, lighting is key. Skylight Creative Group will schedule the shoot for the optimum conditions, however, we are at the mercy of mother nature and ask for some flexibility on your end in order to get the best picture. We can take close up shots of entrances and wide angle shots to get the entire property in view. We will work with you to make sure the images captured will fit with your end purpose for the photos. We like to give you a variety to choose from so there will be traditional photographs but also some creative ones as well.

Detail & Close Up Shots

It’s all in the details. We like to showcase the ways in which our clients are unique. If you have one-of-a-kind finishes in your lobby, a day care center in your facility or really exotic plants throughout your office, we want to capture that. What sets you apart? Let us know so we can make sure everyone else sees it too!

Specialized Packages

We offer discounts to clients who use Skylight Creative Group for their photography AND graphic design needs. If we know ahead of time that you are going to use the images in a brochure or on a website, we can create the design and images to compliment each other to give you the best all around finished product. If you have a need for photography and graphic design, please contact us to learn more about our specialized packages!

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