Residential Photography

Residential photography can be used to feature a property listing, showcase interior design work, advertise a service (painting, lawn care, renovations, etc.), exhibit architectural work in a publication and so much more. Skylight Creative Group works with companies and individuals throughout the United States to create unique and professional images tailored to your specific needs. Special package rates are offered if you use Skylight Creative Group for your photography and graphic design work.

Residential Interior Photography

Residential interior photography can make or break you if you are a realtor, interior designer or company using photographs to display your work. It can be the difference of getting a showing or booking your next job as you show off your portfolio. When taking residential interior photographs, it’s essential to have good lighting and equipment, but also great staging – as most interior designers know. Every Skylight Creative Group photographer has a very detail-oriented approach when taking interior photos and we make sure that all of the distracting elements are out of view and things are set up in a way that looks appealing to the eye. We have a lot of experience working with rooms and interior spaces of all kinds. Skylight Creative Group works with the client to understand how the images are going to be used and we focus on capturing photos that will help you in every way possible. Please contact us to learn more.

Residential Exterior Photography

Exteriors are very different from interiors when it comes to photography with the uncontrollable variables such as lighting, weather, seasonal surroundings, neighboring properties, etc. This requires a more flexible schedule since we are at the mercy of mother nature and our surroundings. If clouds are covering the sky or rain is falling, we may need to push the photo shoot back some to make sure we get the best lighting to make the property stand out. If a property has a sidewalk being repaired or a neighbor has a tree removal scheduled, we will wait until those things are no longer an issue. Skylight Creative Group remains detail-oriented to make sure your images are clean and professional, but we are warning you now that it requires some flexibility in scheduling.

Residential Community Areas

If you need to feature the swimming pool, golf course, meeting room or any other community area, Skylight Creative Group has plenty of experience to capture the images you need. Please make sure these areas are free of people the day of the shoot (if you want people in your images, please let us know in advance and we will discuss details with you). Based on your final use for the images, we can capture the photos to express the message you want to convey. Contact us to set up an appointment today!

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