Skylight Creative Strategy, Branding and Marketing

In order for a business to be successful, your brand and product or service needs to be appealing and communicate positively with your audience. Your brand competes with others, communicates to people and requires attention whether you realize it or not. At Skylight Creative Group, we understand how to market effectively through branding, graphic design and strategy.



Discovery is important no matter what it is you are doing in life and in business. In this stage, we will discover what it is you want to accomplish and what concerns you have. We will listen to you, evaluate your past objectives and look at you present efforts. We will figure out if we need to start from scratch, reconstruct your brand, or use your current brand and translate it across different media. Communication is key in this stage. We will brainstorm together and discover ways to make your brand stand out and differentiate your company from the competition.



Once we’ve evaluated your past efforts and business materials, we can move onto the next phase and develop new goals and strategies for your company. We know that every brand is unique, but we want it to be outstanding as well. Through careful planning, hard work and creative concepts, we will help you reach your business’ full potential. This is where we marry graphic design talent with the psychology of marketing and let ideas flow, plans take shape, connections happen and we translate strategy into fresh solutions for your unique needs.



This last step is where the rubber meets the road and movement is visible to the public. Clean and professional web designs are launched. Beautifully detailed print designs are fulfilled. Products are delivered. Social media efforts go viral. Brands grow and develop. Some projects will require further input from our team as your business grows and new things take shape, especially with search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Skylight Creative Group will be there to support your company through every step and make sure our efforts are a success.